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From the Headbangers Ball special on MTV

Donington '96 special

          It's a warm, sunny day, the vibe is just right and you can feel the music pumping in the background. Yes, it's one of them perfect Donington days. One of the headlines at the Kerrang stage is Korn and Vanessa Warwick from Headbangers Ball catches up with the guys at the backstage area.

          Sitting in a white golf cart is Jonathan Davis and J. Munky Shaffer by the steering wheel. Jonathan is wearing his ordinary blue Adidas track suit and Munky is wearing a black T-shirt with a white decoration on the chest, and green shorts. They are relaxing in the cart with Budweiser beer cans in their hands and being interviewed by Vanessa, who's hair is always nice, this time with thick braids, some part red and some part white. With a tight black dress and a new piercing on the upper side of the mouth, she stands beside the cart, holding the MTV microphone.

Vanessa: Hi, you're back with Headbangers Ball, coming to you hard and heavy from Donington '96, and right now we are going to hook up with the band who headlined the second stage, the Kerrang Stage here at Donington - it's Korn! And it's always a pleasure seeing these guys. Iíve got Jonathan and Munky joining me here... So, um, welcome back down to this show and of course to Europe, guys! You played a little earlier today, and how was it headlining the Kerrang Stage? How was the response?

Jonathan: I can't say nothing. I have no words explaining what I just saw there. I had no clue that it would be that intense. What do you think? (turns to Munky, who takes a Budweiser and opens it. A 'shhhhhhick!' sound pops out and Munky laughs and takes a sip)

Vanessa: That sums it up.

Jonathan: Yeah, that sums it up. It was incredible. We had no clue. I just went up there and shocked the shit out of me, basically.

Munky: Yeah, the crowd was really....

Jonathan: was a long shot. It was intense.

Munky: ....nice.

Vanessa: I can't imagine 'nice' and Korn going in the same sentences, but...

Jonathan: It's our new vibe now - we're a nice band. (laughs)

Vanessa: So, um, what kind of stories have you heard about Donington before you came here? Were you aware that it is like the biggest metal festival in the world? (Jonathan plays with one of his dreadlocks and takes a sip from his Budweiser, while Munky answers the question)

Munky: Uh... we have an artillery-booklet, and it has the capacity for every place that we play, and then it says: "Capacity: question mark, question mark : BIG!" (laughs)

Jonathan: Pretty big, but not this big. It's the biggest event we've ever been to. Must be... I almost puked.
(Munky turns his head a little and spots Fieldy running towards them)

Munky: Oh, here's Fieldy.
(Fieldy jumps on the back of the cart, shouting 'Huh!', and from the other side another guy jumps beside Fieldy, holding a black and white guitar)

Vanessa: Oh, Fieldy, how are you... (spots the guitarist jumping on the cart) ...and Joe from Ozzy's band as well.

Fieldy: W'zup, dog? (shakes Joe's hand) He's my man! Field-dog is in tha house now! (Jonathan and Munky laugh)

Vanessa: Excellent. So did the bagpipes come out today?

Jonathan: Yes! We did 'Shoots' and we did a cover - it's gonna be on the new record - 'Lowrider'.

Vanessa: Okay, so we'd like to talk about the new album, actually. (Joe jumps off the cart) Um... you've finished recording it... (Jonathan nods) and what's it going to be called, and what can you tell us about it?

Jonathan: It's called 'Life is Peachy' and it just better... it's just better."

Fieldy: It's heavier, phatter. It's all that, baby.

Vanessa: Is it even more menacing and psychotic than 'Korn'?

Munky: Yes, it's a lot heavier. It's... it's... we all got better!

Vanessa: Yeah? (Fieldy humps the cart up and down, and Jon and Munky hump along) That's understandable, 'cause you just did touring and touring, didn't you?

Munky: Yeah, basically we grew.

Fieldy: Why did you wanna - why did you wanna try go behind my back and get on TV without me? Huh? (looks at his two bandmates who are just about to start an argument with him)

Jonathan (to Fieldy): You could be on...
(Munky spots Brian walking out from a crowd a couple of meters from the cart)

Munky: Hey, Hey! Here comes another guy!

Fieldy: Come on, Head!

Jonathan: RUN!

(Brian takes everything calm and walks slowly towards them. A funny walk, but judging by the size of his pants (big), it's no wonder he walks strange, with his feet stepping two meters from each other)

Vanessa: Well, I think we are going to end up with the whole band here in just a few moments. Well, tell you what. We are going to check out the Korn guys some more in just a few moments, but we are going to see Korn live, on-stage, headlining the second stage here at Donington '96. Let's see it, now..."

(They play "Divine")

Back, they are all gathered, Jonathan and Munky still sitting in their rightful places, Fieldy behind them, Brian sitting in front of them and David standing next to Jonathan, eating something. Fieldy still enjoys making the cart hump up and down, but this time Munky takes part in it, with his hands on the steering wheel, pretending that he is driving down a very bumpy road. Of course Brian wants to help, so he puts his hand on the wheel, too.

Vanessa: Okay, well as you can see, we are still hanging here with Korn backstage, at Donington '96, and I'd like to talk to the guys a little more about the up and coming record, which I think you said is called 'Life is Peachy'? (they say 'yes' and nod) Well, that sounds a little more cheerful than was expected, actually. On the last album, Jonathan, you talked about the theme, it was like... (Fieldy starts to hump again, but this time even faster. Munky steers faster and laughs, when Fieldy stops. Brian, who tried to take a sip of his beer, lays his hand on the wheel to stop it. David throws a paper ball at Munky, making him smile) ...about being an outcast, you got a lot of things off your chest on that record. Now, have you dug any deeper to some other dormant things, or are you feeling a bit optimistic on the new record?

Jonathan: A little more optimistic, but it's just latdeer... (turns to David, trying to pronounce the word 'later' right) - ahh! - later on my lifetime now, so I'm dealing with stuff that I've dealt with being on the road for two years (Fieldy pats his hair) and stuff that was like later on in my childhood, now, so it's the same Korn vibe... still the same shit...

Fieldy: Hey, you know what though?

Jonathan:'s a lot better...

Fieldy: 'Life is Peachy', though, it's not happy, 'cause the cover's sick.

Jonathan: gotta see the whole package.

Fieldy: We can't show you the package right now, 'cause of TV can't see that.

Vanessa: So, it's a little bit of a sarcastic thing, then? (Fieldy is at it again, making the damn cart hump, but now he's making monkey noises and rubbing Munky's hair)

Brian: That's what I was looking for! I was searching for that word right now!

Munky: More than two syllables, so...
(Brian whispers something to David which makes him laugh big time, and Fieldy turns to them, saying something, but Vanessa doesn't notice that)

Vanessa: Well, you've got the some pretty evil song titles on this album, haven't you? Um, some of them maybe we can't say, I don't know... so let's say them anyway.

Jonathan: I got... 'Kunt'... what else we got? ... 'Ass Itch' (the guys smile and laugh) ... 'Pussy Scab'...

Vanessa: 'Swallow' is one of them...

Jonathan: ...'Swallow'...

Fieldy: How do you know that? You've got a little advanced...

Vanessa: Well, I've got a little friend who's been in the studio with you - Dominic. You know Dominic? (the guys say 'yeah') Yeah, he told me. He said it was cool.

Jonathan: Oh yeah, so... yeah... those are some of the titles.

Munky: 'Lost'!

Jonathan: 'Lost'...

Munky: 'Lost' is one of my favorites.

Jonathan: 'Mr. Rogers'...

Brian: 'Cheety'.

Jonathan: 'Cheety'... what else... 'Good God'...

Munky: 'Kill you' is kinda uh... ahm... the same vein as 'Daddy'.

Jonathan: It's like a sequel to 'Daddy'.

Vanessa: I thought you didn't want to do 'Daddy' again, though...

Jonathan: No, I didn't. It's about my step mom and I hate that bitch! (Munky and Vanessa laugh, while Jonathan gives a sarcastic smile to the camera)

Fieldy: He's not too fond...

Jonathan: I'm not too fond of her...

Vanessa: Funny enough, I kinda got that impression. (everyone laughs) Um, what about music-wise as well, have you still got that kind of heavy staccato riffs as well? That made it really kind of...

Jonathan: It's like the first time we started, we, like, wrote the songs on the album within a year of the band joining, and now, being on the road for so long, they are playing shit I can't even explain! It's a lot better. We have grown so much more.
(Fieldy and Munky are doing that thing again, but this time not for long)

David: It's way better than the first album... way better.

Vanessa: I guess the thing is that we've got to hear it and....

Jonathan: I can't explain... you gotta see it - um, I mean hear it!

Brian: We caught our live vibe better on this one, I think.

Vanessa: You were also with Ross Robinson again, weren't you? And he always gets a killer sound.

Munky: Of course. We love him.

Vanessa: Excellent! So I guess the final question is... um, hopefully you guys are gonna put in some time touring Europe on this next record.

Brian: Hell YEAH! (laughs)

Vanessa: That's what I wanted to hear! Any plans or do you know when you're gonna come back?

Jonathan: December...

David: Possibly early December, the first two weeks.

Vanessa: Yeah? (David nods) Excellent! Fantastic. I guess you must be very pleased, what with the response you had on this record anyway.

Jonathan (quietly): Hell yes!

Munky: Ye-es! (everyone laughs)

Vanessa: Good. What are you gonna be doing for the rest of the day then? Can you tell us how you are going to spend the rest of your Donington Day?

Munky: I'm gonna go to sleep. We got like three hours to sleep and tomorrow we play at the Bizarre festival, so...

Vanessa: Well, good luck with everything. That's Korn..."

(Munky spots Vanessa's new piercing)

Munky: Let me ask you something... is this new?

Vanessa: Yeah.

Munky: I like it.

Vanessa: Oh, you like... he likes this. (she shows her piercing to the camera with her finger) I don't know if you can see it...

Brian: Did it hurt?

Vanessa: Yeah, it hurt, but that's half the fun, isn't it?
(Brian says something, but we can't hear it)

Munky: I think it's sexy. (Jonathan pats Munky's hair)

Vanessa: Do you? Oh! Thank you! Wow! Well, on that good note from moi we'll finish up with Korn right now. The new album 'Life is Peachy', do you know when it's out?

Jonathan: October 8th in the States. I don't know when it'll be here.

Munky: I heard it's gonna be released the same week.

Jonathan: Really?

Munky: Yeah, I asked...

Fieldy: Look for it October 8th, maybe...

Munky: ...Sony.

Vanessa: Well, thank you all very much and congratulations...

David: Why don't you go buy about 200,000 of the first one? (everyone laughs)

Vanessa: Well, judging by the response we've had from fans and viewers is that they already have! So, you've gone down very well at Headbangers Ball and it's a pleasure to have you back on the show. Cheers! (the guys all say 'cheers!') And we'll say good-bye to Korn right now, but only temporarily, 'cause I'm sure we're gonna catch up with them on the new record in October or towards the end of the year. We'll check them out now, live on stage at Donington '96, and I'm sure it was sick!

(Brian, who's had his hands (and beer) in his lap all the time (occasionally taking sips of his beer), takes a sip and Jonathan spots that his lap is free, so he lays his hand on Brian's lap and looks at the camera, as if nothing had happened. Brian, of course, notices it and looks at Jonathan, who gives him a 'What?' look. Brian hits the unwelcome hand on his lap. Jonathan pretends he gets a little bit angry, so he tries to knock back with his other hand, but Brian grabs it. Just as we are getting a little closer to the guys, the live shoot suddenly appears and Korn plays 'Shoots and Ladders', with the bagpipes, of course...)