Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis was born in Bakersfield, California on January 18th, 1971. At the age of 16, he got a job as an assistant coroner in the Kern County, CA, Coroners Department (also moonlighting as an undertaker at a nearby funeral home), having recently earned a degree at San Francisco's School of Mortuary Science. His nickname is HIV, as a sort of agreement with the "faget" term he was dubbed in high school. He does not, in fact, have AIDS or the HIV virus, although he does have the letters "H I V" tattooed on his upper left arm. He says "That tattoo has probably saved my life. You know in situations when passion and lust take over your brain.... I take a look at that tattoo and I remember that the virus is out there and you never know who's got it." On his upper right arm is a tattoo of a crazed bishop ripping up his skin: "The bishop is a symbol of the atrocities that religion is making. He's ripping up my skin to reveal Christ. It's more of a symbol of how corrupt religion is. I don't believe in any of it because of shit like televangilism. Do you really think that all that money really goes to charity?" Jonathan is married his girlfriend, Rene, November, 1998. They have one son, Nathaniel Houseman (Houseman being Jonathan's middle name, as well), born on October 18, 1995. He had been expecting (astrologically) a baby girl, but at delivery Jonathan was only slightly surprised to see, as he put it, "pink balls," and he had to come away from the girls name Salaam Dementia. Jonathan is into Duran Duran, claiming them to be glam, but they don't sell out, but on the tour bus the band is known to listen to LL Cool J and Black Sheep. In fact, in concert, during a version of Predictable, called 'Predick,' they do a part of a Black Sheep song called, "You Mean I'm Not?" They also do a version of Ball Tongue with a rap in it by another rap group.
Jon and his Pipe...