Twas the night before Christmas
when all through the house
Everybody was stoned
even the mouse

Man from the courthouse
and me from jail
I just settled down
to get a piece of her tail

When all of a sudden
I heard such a clatter
I tripped on my dick
and busted my bladder!!

I went downstairs
and what did i see?!
A fat little red fagget
hangin from a tree

He stuffed the stockings
with reefers and beer
And a big fat hairy dick
for the family queer

That's the end of my story
Funny wasn't it, ya see?

She didn't even...

She didn't see my thing behind ya
leave ya for this private eye
I was there to give'em near to my
zima zima mommy fah
I'm gonna say this
hope it don't offend ya
came to the grizma
give'em a taste of me
give'em a little excitement to the damn monkey
your monkey can stay with me
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhh

Chevy took my brain
same old motherfucker sucked my dick that day
he will never zima zima
never never not that day
i'm really sick of all this excitement
yeah, but he thinks he's better than me
uma zooma nooga dunga
you can suck my dick all day
one, two, three, four
Santa can suck my dick all day!!


Lodi Dodi, we likes to party
We don't cause trouble
We don't bother nobody
We're just some kids who on the mic
And when we rock up on the mic, we rock the mic


Woke up, didn't choke up
Saw my AK, it was broke up
Put it together like a jigsaw
Got my nine and my rambo knife off the floor
Went to the bathroom and beat the rush
"Yo who the fuck used my toothbrush?"

Went to my sister's room, "Yo, bitch wake up"
"You stupid ass, dirty ass, nasty ass slut"
Shot her in the leg, shot her in the thigh
Kicked her in the pussy, and punched her in the eye
Slapped her in the head, stepped on her cord
Don't fuck around bitch word is bond

Went downstairs to eat with my folks
"Ma... you broke the fuckin' egg yolk"
Punched her in the chest, got on her cheek
Then I made her scream like the bitch was a thief
Knee to the pussy, kick to the skull
AK yo I shot the bitch in the temple
Pops' got mad cuz Mom got licked
I didn't give a fuck so I shot 'em in the dick
Hungry ass fuck, said my grace
Pop kept screamin' so I shot him in the face
Ate my food found my coat

Mail man came so I cut his mutha-fuckin' throat
Waiting for the mutha-fuckin' school bus...
I had a dream that I was hard.....


I wanna rock right now,
I'm Rob Base and I came to get down
I'm not internationally known,
But I'm known to rock the microphone
Because I get stupid, I mean outrageous,
Stay away from me, if you're contagious,
Cos' I'm a winner, no I'm not a loser
To be an M.C. is what I choose-a.


I cannot ever find a way
to throw these darkened thoughts away
Need no place to hide
It's thrown in my face everyday,
'cause it's is the price I have to pay
for what's inside my mind

I am alive

You gives'em to me everyday
That's okay, that's how I like to play
They're not first in line
What's in my head I didn't say [save]
It's something that I can't run away
What's inside my mind

I am alive

I am alive
I will never run away
Places inside
My heart screams inside with pride
Once I cry
Now I wipe away the tears
Once I die
Now I'm alive



This town is our town, so mother fuckin glam
We are now the chosen toys of caddy girls and pretty boys.
Make up that face to win the race.
Life's a bitch in this town.
Suck my dick in this town.

This town is our town, it is so glamourous
I bet you'd live here if you could and be one of us
This town is our town, so fuckin glamorous
I bet you'd live here if you could and be one of us

Change our minds like we said before
We are dreamers, we are whores!
Discarded scars like worn out cars
litter the streets of, this town
litter the streets of this town


Break it down boys.
Human Waste in the house...
Here we fuckin go!